Manuel Magallanes
CO-Founder, CEO, and Chief of Security

Manuel Magallanes, our founder, CEO, and Chief of Security, is a highly accomplished professional with a deep commitment to his faith in God, which significantly influences his leadership style. His diverse academic background and extensive experience in security reflect his dedication to ensuring safety in various environments. 

Manuel holds an Associate of Arts degree from Lone Star College and earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science with a Minor in Criminology from Arkansas State University. This educational foundation underscores his commitment to understanding complex societal issues. Additionally, his Associate Degree in Criminal Justice highlights his profound dedication to law enforcement and security, forming a robust basis for his role in safeguarding our client's interests. 

Beyond his academic achievements, Manuel has accumulated significant hands-on experience in the field. He has helped manage security operations for mega-churches, ensured the safety of high-profile celebrity events, and overseen the security of a neighborhood with 2,000 homes as Head of Security. His expertise in risk assessment, crisis management, and strategic planning is evident in his successful navigation of diverse and challenging security scenarios. 

What sets Manuel apart is his unique journey, including learning from his brother, a seasoned police officer. This practical experience has enriched Manuel's understanding of security strategies and their real-world applications. Combined with his unwavering faith in God, Manuel Magallanes is a leader who not only brings professional expertise to the table but also values a holistic approach to ensuring the safety and well-being of our clients and their establishments. His keen understanding of security protocols and adaptability to dynamic situations make him an invaluable asset to our organization.

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